Placing orders online or over the phone is quick and easy to do. Here are some things to consider when placing your order to ensure seamless service and the most accurate results


  • Cutoff Times are mentioned beside the service type to identify the latest possible time that those rates are available. For example a Same Day service cutoff is before noon.
  • Delivery Times – How quickly does your package need to get where its going? Our services are based on the delivery time selected in the service. A four hour regular service will be delivered in 4 hours but the pickup time will vary depending on the driver’s location and dispatch route. If you have a specific pickup time, select Double Direct service



  • Make sure to include all important contact information from the order, pickup and delivery locations. Phone numbers, email and full names are always best


  • Know Your Order Number – Usually our staff is really quick at finding your order whenever you want an update on the status. Knowing your order number is the absolute fastest way to get a customer service representative to assist you on the phone
  • Know Your Account Number – When placing an order over the phone, we might ask you for you account number. This 4 digit easy to remember number is the best way to ensure that your order is processed promptly


  • What time is your shipment ready to be picked up? This is a critical pice of information because it helps us dispatch our driver routes appropriately. There is a no pick up charge (equal to half of your original orders worth) if the package is not available for pickup or waiting time for the driver


  • Its always a good idea to give as much information as you have available for you shipment. Here are a few categories to consider
    • Pickup and drop-off locations – Front desk, shipping side door, upstairs or any other description helps our drivers get to you quickly
    • Fragile or unique packages – If your package is fragile or requires special attention please make sure to include any information.