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Order Fulfillment

Kwiksave specializes in critical fulfillment needs that satisfy the most demanding delivery requirements. Expand your reach and capabilities by partnering with us. Take advantage of our tireless dedication to bettering your brand. Kwiksave provides the highest level of order fulfillment which allows you to focus on your core competencies.

  • You need a fulfillment provider who understands your brand and how to represent your core values 
  • You need a vendor with a warehouse and distribution centre that can effectively reach your customers 
  • You need a fulfillment provider who utilizes the latest software and technology 
  • You need a provider with its own fleet of couriers and trucks to minimize your delivery costs 
  • You need that same provider to use their fleet to satisfy the growing demand of instant fulfillment so your customers can receive your product within hours of placing their order
  •  You need Kwiksave

Most companies look at order fulfillment as the final cost of production but what if that cost was turned into a competitive advantage. Other fulfillment providers use a standard benchmark of 48 hours to pick and ship your product. By teaming up with Kwiksave your customers can receive your product within 2 hours of placing their orders within the greater Toronto and Hamilton regions. Kwiksave will pick, pack and deliver your goods in a way that allows your company to stand out from the crowd.

If your orders are being sent to further regions across North America, Kwiksave can provide big discounts through our strong partnerships with major carriers.


You need a fulfillment provider that can handle a demanding business environment.
Kwiksave Logistics is the provider you can trust. Call now to get started.


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