We’ve made a great thing even better! You can now select Puro

lator Express directly from the Kwiksave Courier website. If your deadline is not urgent and you’re looking for overnight service Canada Wide then this is the option for you. Save lots of money

You can now take advantage of the convenience of using our online ordering system with the reliability and low pricing of Purolator. We think its the perfect addition to our already comprehensive lineup of services. Try it today to get the ultimate in service and savings.

To place a Purolator Express order through Kwiksave’s portal follow the steps below:

Name & Address

  • Enter the name of the destination (residential or commercial)
  • Street addresses must be entered with the proper abbreviations – Click here for a complete list
    • Street (ST)
    • Avenue (AVE)
    • Court (CRT)
    • Crescent (CRES)
    • Drive (DR)
  • Street Directions should also be abbreviated
    • North (N)
    • South (S)
    • West (W)
    • East (E)
  • Both pickup and delivery contacts are required to process the order
    • Make sure to enter the names and phone numbers in each field

Service & Package Type

  • Select “Purolator Express” from the dropdown menu
  • The pop-up window will have important information regarding the Purolator service – Please read it carefully
  • Select your package types form the pulldown menu
  • Enter the quantity, dimensions, and weight of each parcel (Please note that if this information is not entered correctly the price will not be accurate. Any additional costs will be added after the order has been completed)
  • In the weight field, enter the total weight of all of your parcels combined
  • Click “Continue” to get an order summary (If you get an error message at this stage, please double check all of the instructions above have been followed correctly)

Printing the Waybill

  • Click “Complete” once all the information is checked and a price has been generated
  • Wait a few moments for your Purolator waybill to be generated
  • From here you can download and print your waybill
  • Note that there will be a waybill for each parcel that you are shipping
  • Once they’re printed attach them to each corresponding parcel