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Warehousing your product with Kwiksave gives you more than just storage space. It gives your business added value with flexible storage options, variety of packaging services and the most advanced inventory management system which gives you full control.

Kwiksave’s online warehouse portal puts you in the driver seat and grants you access from any device. You could be in front of your desk at work or checking in from your cell while away on vacation.

Our software connects you to your product so you can:

  • Instantly view your inventory
  • Enter new storage requirements
  • Search and edit existing orders
  • Check and verify returns
  • View invoices or run reports
  • Forecast inventory levels
  • Receive inventory alerts (e.g. low stock levels, out-of-stock notifications)
  • Receive email alerts on order statuses

The added bonus of warehousing with Kwiksave is the large fleet of couriers and trucks available to ship your product at a moment’s notice. Take your product off the shelf and into motion whenever you need.